Congratulations to this week’s Business Leader Maple Run Emporium! Founder and owner Mary Hilton had a maple farm years ago and people would come from all around to tap her trees and acquire sap. She had always loved the smell and taste of the syrup and knew that it could be used in other, more extravagant ways. In her shop, you will find massive amounts of items into which maple has been incorporated. Hilton claims that this brings out the best in the product. For example, in barbecue sauce the taste is unbeatable. It brings out notes that one would not normally taste in regular barbecue sauce. Hilton says that maple also stimulates creativity in artists and cooks. To those who have never tasted genuine maple product before, she suggests you try a single maple candy because it is the purest form of maple


Hilton looks forward to SummerFest the most each year because she can highlight the amazing local art produced each year. Being as passionate about art as she is has led her shop to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing on Market St. The art and cookware in the store is well worth the price. These are items that will last years, generations through generations. It is an investment that you won’t forget!

The best part about the art she sells is that is it all local. Buying a piece from her shop helps support local artists. Also, many of the items are handmade, such as the maple stained glass leaves made by Tina Link from Gouverneur. These will make your Christmas tree, and their beauty is unmatched.

North Country made products are distinct and at Maple Run Emporium you can find some of the best items our region has to offer. Visit this cozy shop on Market St and meet Ms. Hilton!! It will be an experience you can’t forget ??

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