Awards & Recognitions

Business of the Year Award (annually, Spring Luncheon)

The Business of the Year Award is given to a Potsdam business that has excelled in one or more of the following areas: improvements that enhance the community; increases in the volume of economic activity; growth in employment levels in Potsdam; excellent customer service

Milestone Anniversary Recognition (annually, Spring Luncheon)

We recognize member businesses with significant anniversaries each year. Businesses are recognized starting at the 5 years mark and then in 5 year increments up to 50 then every 10 years after.

Pride in Potsdam Community Award (annually, Annual Dinner)

This award reflects the efforts of an organization or business in enhancing the quality of life in Potsdam.

The nominee

  • Has an ongoing commitment to enhancing Potsdam.
  • May engage in specific activities that result in positive acclaim or recognition for themselves as well as the community.
  • Acts as a positive role model for other organizations or businesses in Potsdam.
  • Supports charitable and service organizations.

(Can be two recipients)

Outstanding Citizen Honor  (not necessarily an annual award- Annual Dinner)

This honor is presented to an individual member of the community that enhances the quality of life in Potsdam through his/her efforts.
Basically same criteria as the Pride in Potsdam Community Award but for individual  

Chad Fuller Memorial Award (not an annual award-Luncheon)

Award was created on 10-28-03 in the memory of Chad Fuller.  It is to be “presented to those who dedicate, inspire, offer exemplary service, and provide a purpose beyond self to the Potsdam community.”

Meant to be given to those serving in military, police, fire & rescue capacity.

Also a link to nominate someone for an upcoming award.